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Our comprehensive research and analysis are critical to the decision-making process during real estate property portfolio planning and transactions.

Areas Serviced:


    • Grey County

    • Bruce County

    • Simcoe County

    • Dufferin County

    • Wellington County

    • Huron County

    • Perth County


    Our Appraisers


    AIC-Designated Appraiser

    Dale has been in the fee appraisal industry for 15 years. He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Brock University and the AACI and P. App designations from the Appraisal Institute of Canada. 

    Assignment Scope and Property Type


    Direct Approach

    Valuation derived from analyzing completed sales, listings or pending sales of properties that are similar to the subject property. This methodology can be used for many different property types.

    Cost Approach

    Land and building components are evaluated separately to reach a value conclusion by adding these estimates together. Considerations such as, physical wear and tear, functional deficiencies and external influences of the dwelling and the site improvements are taken into consideration. This methodology is more reliable when a property is newer due to the lower depreciation.

    Income Approach

    Valuation of income-producing properties or investments. Analysis of a property’s revenue and expenses are used to convert the income into a present value. This methodology is typically not applied when valuing a residential property.