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Our valuations will allow you to make a well-informed decision on your real estate assets.


We Can Do It All

As AIC-designated appraisers, we provide trusted valuation services for many different property types.

Expropriation Appraisals

Helping government with partial land transfers to benefit the general public. 

Vacant Land

Unoccupied land without structures available for development purposes, including residential, commercial or industrial buildings. 

Agricultural Properties

Property that is principally used for farming – rearing livestock, crop production, orchards, horse farms, wineries, and hobby farms.

Commercial Properties

Income generating properties such as office buildings, retail plazas, hotels, storage facilities, single-tenant structures and mixed-use buildings. 

Industrial Buildings

Large warehouse buildings occupied by single or multi-tenant manufacturing productions, or machine shops.

Multi-Family Residential Buildings

Apartment buildings, condominiums or co-operatives. Mixed-use arrangements include commercial/business use on the first floors and apartments or residential spaces on the upper floors of the building.

Special Use Properties

Specialized property types such as restaurants, airports, golf courses, contaminated property, military facilities, and recreation centres.


Who Uses Our Services?

We provide valuation and advisory services for Property Owners, Developers, Mortgage and Financial Professionals, Lawyers, Accountants, Real Estate Professionals and Government.