The preceding data is based on publicly listed sales data and is regarded as a broad barometer of overall market performance. The data includes all types of multi-residential real estate sales/listings throughout Grey and Bruce Counties listed on the ITSO Multiple Listing Service.

Multi-Residential MLS statistics can demonstrate significant variation in total sales volume ($) due to the occurrence or lack of large high-value sales in a given period. Nonetheless, the above statistics do provide some perspective, and we note the following.

  • The total sales volume ($) was up 43.5% quarter-over-quarter and is down 19.5% over the last year.
  • The number of active listings increased by 9.5% quarter-over-quarter and is up 15.1% over the last year.
  • The total number of sales increased by 50% quarter-over-quarter and is down 2.9% over the last year.